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The Institut de Soudure

The Institut de Soudure nstitutde Soudure is a Non Profit making association (71 people) created in 1905 and the French technical centre (Headquarters – Villepinte – France) for welding and allied techniques (NDT…). It was founded to help industrial shops to use acetylene gas safely and contributed to the creation of two post-graduation schools.

Still today, ISA is an active member of the International Institute of Welding (IIW) that it co-founded in 1948. More recently, it has been a founding member of several associations in charge of pressure vessels safety (AFIAP, AQUAP and ASAP) and NDT (COFREND). ISA hold several subsidiaries working in France and abroad. (1065 employees for the group and a turnover of M€ 97.4 in 2012).

The main subsidiary, IS Industry (ISI) has a wide range of services in training, NDT, welding and pressure vessels consultancies. As member of ASAP (a notified body for pressure vessels) ISI can re-qualify pressure vessels (metallic and composite ones). The group uses all the available skills, know-how and facilities – particularly in its Research and Development centre located in Yutz – to devise innovative solutions, which industry will need tomorrow. The group benefits from fifty years’ experience in NDT testing and is actively involved in research, industrial applications, consultancy and services in the fields of all NDT techniques. It has been involved in NDT composite testing for 12 years and has recently founded a dedicated subsidiary: “Composite Integrity” (NDT services and development.).

The project takes place in the department dedicated to Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Development in our Research and Development centre. This department develops advanced solutions to do NDT on complex material and/or geometry.

Main contact

+33 3 82 88 79 36

Key people involved

Sylvie Bittendiebel has an engineer's degree (1999) in instrumentation from Polytec. She started (2000) her carrier at ISA as a Project leader. Her research interest’s deal with all NDT techniques applied to welds, composite and in-service damaged materials. In 2006, she was involved to update the MC part (NDT part) of French Nuclear Pressure Equipment Construction Code (RCC-M), in the view of essential safety requirements DESP & ESPN for pressure vessel and standard evolution. Since 2012, she has been promoted to NDT Expert for the group. She takes part to establish the French TOFD certification. She is the project leader of H2E project.

Key people involved

Fethi Dahmene holds an engineering diploma in materials, M.S degree, and a Ph.D in mechanical engineering in the field of high temperature application of acoustic emission (AE).  His work has been rewarded during ESOPE 2010 by the French Association for Pressure Equipment Engineers (AFIAP). After four years in an NDT company, he joined the Institut de Soudure (ISA) in 2014 as NDT project manager, where he is developing new periodic inspection procedures, based on AE, more particularly for type IV high pressure vessels for H2 storage. He has a strong technical expertise in acoustic emission and is involved in various national and international research programs: DECID2, DEFI, ITER, H2E, HYPACTOR... He is author of many papers about the application of Acoustic emission on whether metallic, composite or assembled structures.